38th Annual Boy’s Recital

Students from the Studios of Daniel K. DeKonty, Jr., Tammy Dennis, Laurie Gruenloh, Karen Hicks, Leroy Hughes, Lindsey Ann Hughes, Hannah Marie Roberts, Beverly M Talley
, Jeanne O’Connell, Connie Teague
, Melanie Ward, and Vincentine Williams performed in the 38th Annual Boy’s Recital with special guest Speaker Mayor David Wilson of Summerdale, Saturday April 18th 2018 at 2:00pm and 3:30pm at the Summerdale Municipal Complex.



This Year’s Musicalooza was held on January 27th 2018

Fall Recital

Students of Teachers Daniel K. DeKonty, Jr., Tammy Dennis, Laurie Gruenloh, Karen Hicks, Lindsey Hughes, Eric Marrero, Amy Morgan, Jeanne O’Connell, Beverly Talley, Connie Teague, Melanie Ward and Vincentine Williams perform today at our Fall Recitals.

Westminster Performance

The music students of Baldwin County Music Teachers Association members Daniel K. DeKonty, Jr., Eric Marrero and Vincentine Williams performed at our monthly musicale for the residents of Westminster Village.IMG_0330

Upcoming Teacher Studio Recitals

April 28               Laurie Gruenloh      Grace Fellowship Baptist in Robertsdale
April 29               Connie Teague        Foley Presbyterian Church
April 29               Tammy Dennis        Eastern Shore Presbyterian
May 5 – 5:30         Daniel DeKonty        Steinway Piano Gallery
May 6 – 2:00         Daniel DeKonty        Steinway Piano Gallery
May 6                   Hannah Roberts        Steinway Piano Gallery
May 8  – 7:00        Jeanne O’Connell        In her studio
May 19 – 6:30        Baldwin Youth Orchestra    Eastern Shore Baptist Church
May 20                 Karen Hicks               First Baptist Church – Fairhope
May 20                 Melanie Ward            Steinway Piano Gallery
May 27                 Vincentine Williams    University of Mobile – Moorer Hall